still too proud to sink

ASK   I try not to remember my real name, my blog is my personal space for things that make me smile like the Beatles and poetry. I have a pacemaker, a love for firefighting and a deep interest in medicine. I also really like putting on lipstick and taking photos of myself.

"Familiar faces scare me the most
They’re the easiest to remember when they come back as ghosts."
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"I wish my heart was as strong as its passion."
Forever limited
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I’m going as a huge disappointment to my parents for Halloween this year!

I’ll probably just wear my regular clothes.

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"Its just poetry. You might not even like it."

"Probably not."


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I think I left too early
I think I ruined everything

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In need of some massive distraction.

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I still imagine myself
with you

And this is all it
takes for me to
escape reality
and confirm
that I have
gone insane

Don’t wait up for me

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